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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Variable Costs Table

This is a continuance of the inflation post, since people asked for something. Feel free to use it, adjust it, etc.

Situation                                                 Fame                             Cost Adjustment
PCs are just starting out                         Unknown                       0%
PCs got trashed, some died                    Big Gossip Item             -10%
PCs were mildly successful                    Minor Gossip                0% to +5%
PCs were successful but some died        Popular Gossip             0% to +5%
PCs were successful, all returned           Popular Gossip              0% to +10%
PCs were very successful                       Famous                          +5% to +15%
PCs accomplished major feat                 Famous                          +10% to +25%
PCs are Big Damn Heroes                      Very Famous           +25% to +200%

In all cases, if PCs saved town or a particular business they buy at, prices drop from 10% to 100%, as a reward.

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