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Saturday, April 21, 2012


I go to make a new post today, and luckily for me, Google has decided that I need a whole new User Interface to use blogger. What the Hell? I don't want my setup to change. AT ALL. I had it working perfectly. Now I can't find anything, and I get sent to pages that look nothing like the old ones (even just to make this post).

If you're going to do a major UI overhaul, give everyone the option to keep the old one!!!

Edit: Apparently you can revert to the good set-up via the gear in the top right. Thanks, Steve!


Steve Miller, Writer of Stuff said...

The option to keep the old interface is there. Look for a gear icon near the upper right. The drop-down menu will let you turn on the old interface.

That said... I share your hatred of the "improved" Blogger dashboard.

Dan said...

Thank you! Switched back!

Now I just hope they do give me pop-ups or emails every time I log in asking me to "upgrade".

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve and Dan, the new interface was driving me crazy.

Boric G said...

It just happened to me today. All of a sudden.

Thank you all for the heads-up on the ability to go back to the old look. Like Dan, I knew where everything was; with the new one? Not only "not so much" but "not at all." Completely user-unfriendly if you ask my opinion.