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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Don't use RPGNet

Seriously. RPGNet is somehow still the big dog when it comes to rpg forums. However, it's moderation is draconian and extremely biased. The mods regularly break their own rules, but ban anyone who is not popular if they say something even mildly bad about anyone else.

CASE IN POINT - Cessna used to be sorta level-headed. Now he is just as big a hyprocrite as the other weasels who "bear the burden of moderating such a busy site".

I HIGHLY recommend that, if you are a gamer, try either RPGSite for general gaming stuff or Dragonsfoot for older D&D and Paizo Publishing if you like 3e/Pathfinder. Don't help out the Big Purple. If you do try it, avoid Tangency or the D&D forums, or you'll probably just get banned in a week for breaking some ridiculous ruling.

(I got banned several years back for opposing the Tangency Hivemind. I only bring this subject up because of the derailing/bullshit contest that happened in the Lords of Olympus thread).


Jeremy said...

Yeah, I got banned for complaining about a thread called "Americans like dumb movies", unaware that Americans are the exception to the rules about personal attacks.

Dan said...

Unfortunately, a lot of people have been banned because of similarly ridiculous reasons. I really hope most gamers haven't had that as their first experience with forums, and then just given up on the whole idea.

Hamel™ said...

Well, DF sometimes has been not so different from RPGNet.

Valency said...

I don't know if you will read this, but I just got a 3 day ban on RPGNet for a mildly snarky comment which someone decided was "trolling." Moderator was /extremely/ rude despite the fact I have been posting without incident for years on that site, apparently this counts for nothing with the mods. This is actually the first time I've ever been banned from a web board. So I googled "Morderation RPGNet" and your article came up. I now realize just how hypersensitive and hypocritical RPGNet moderation is, so instead of remonstrating with the mods over ban, I'll just accept it and move onto a site not run by asshat little dictators.

So, thanks for saving me some trouble.