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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Solo elf wandering Realms

Something I've wanted to run would be a campaign with an elven fighter-mage running solo. Maybe with one NPC follower. Kind of like Elric and Moonglum. Start the character at level 10 or so, and work up from there.

Of course, I'd run it in the Forgotten Realms, probably the Western Heartlands. Travel from Evereska down to Iriaebor over to Candlekeep and back. Become a famous adventurer that wipes out bandit camps and defeats evil mages.

It seems kind of lame and boring, but I think it would be a blast. Especially if I focused a bit more on acquiring old magic and researching it.


John L said...

As long as the companion isn't a magical black panther, and your character doesn't wield two scimitars and a moping, "emo" attitude, I applaud such a move.
There is the question of how much canon do you use. You probably know this already, but one of the things that people either love or hate about the Realms is the amount of information that's available, in published products, the Forgotten Realms Wiki and forums like Candlekeep. Therefore, any exploration could involve lots of research and notes. The good news is that a lot of this info is geared towards generating adventures of one sort or another.

Dan said...

I'd use the Gray Box and assorted stuff from FR1 to FR6, as well as the 2e Waterdeep box. I also read Candlekeep periodically, as it's a great forum.