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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I miss Dragon Magazine

I certainly didn't own every issue, but I had probably 40 or so. I used a lot of stuff from them. I really wish WotC had let Paizo continue to publish Dragon (and Dungeon). I'm still confused as to why they yanked the license.

Then again, with how 4e flopped, Dragon may have gone by the wayside in any case. I still loved reading the articles on monsters, magic items, and Ed's Forgotten Realms stuff. A lot of the fiction was actually quite good, as well.

Kobold Quarterly sort of took up the banner, but it is also going defunct. I think trying to split their magazines between both Pathfinder and 4e created too big of a divide, causing a good chunk of each issue to be less useful to any buyer.


Norman Harman said...

As a teenager, 80's, it was my first magazine subscription. Every month wrapped in brown paper, delivered to my door. It seemed like magic. In town lacking FLGS, and prior to Internet, the only source of connecting with other fans.

I quite Dragon when I quit D&D/TSR, with 2ed.

I don't think I miss it. Internet, blogs, etc. do much better job than magazine could. Also, there is Fight On! and Knockspell.

imredave said...

Given what Pazio did when WoTC yanked the license, WoTC prbably regrets yanking the license as well. Of course WoTC is still publishing an e-version of the Dragon and Dungeon for those signed up for DDI. If your into 4th edition the Dungeon is not half bad. I am annoyed with the continous stream of broken rules from the Dragon. However this no different than when I quit reading the Dragon the first time 20+ years ago ;) Very good art work in both e-zines.