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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Create Jack O'Lantern

This is a necromancy spell that SmootRK of the Basic Fantasy forum came up with. I think it's pretty cool.

Create Jack O'Lantern
MU 3, Necromancy

The use of this spell binds a malevolent spirit into a pumpkin or similar gourd-type vegetable, creating a Jack O'Lantern monster (per monster description). The Jack O'Lantern will serve the caster for a number of days equal to his or her level, then become free-willed and depart. The free-willed Jack O'Lanterns typically remain in the vicinity of their pumpkin patch (within one mile or so) and they tend to congregate into groups over time. If one Jack O'Lantern's candle is extinguished, another will use its candle to re-light it.

In order to cast the spell, the Magic User must have a pumpkin or gourd of the appropriate size and a special candle costing 100 gp. While the spell's control is active, the Jack O'Lantern will follow the spell caster's directions to the best of its ability, having some intelligence to make decisions for the best course of action to accomplish its goals. Each will have a unique 'face' and may have particular personalities in role-play situations.

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