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Friday, May 3, 2013

Rifts - books best avoided?

What books are best avoided in the Rifts line? I know at least South America 2 is probably on this list. I don't like the players being super-powerful, and some of the books put them on the level of taking on gods.

Stuff I currently have:

Rifts anniversary edition
Sourcebook I: Archie
Lone Star (mainly for the dog boys)
Mystic Russia (haven't delved too deeply into this. Are there any ridiculous PC races/classes?)

Books I know I want:
Vampire Kingdoms
New West
Spirit West

I used to have a bunch of Rifts stuff, but sold it off. I regret it now. Most of the games I've gotten rid of are in better hands, but I still love the idea of this game, if not all of its implementation.

1 comment:

Christopher Cortright said...

Like you, I love Rifts and pretty much all Palladium things. The only ones I have chosen to ignore are the ones like Phase World. The level is just too high for play on Earth. Oh, and mot people don't care for Wormwood.

Happy Rifting!