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Monday, July 15, 2013

Notes for Napoleonic D&D.

Here's some basic notes to work with. I may actually sit down and write this, depending upon time.

Napoleon D&D Notes
Member of British, French, Spanish, Prussian, Russian, Austrian, or Ottoman army, or a guerilla of some type (often Spanish). Part of a scout or irregular unit of some type. May be infantry or cavalry. The focus would be on garrison work, patrols, scouting parties, and secret missions. Big battles might occur, but are rare.
Females ok. They even wear uniforms. 
Characters are human, and do not start the game knowing how to use magic. They can be affected by it, and might learn it during a campaign.
Officer, sergeant, or private? Catholic, Protestant, or Atheist? Royalist or Revolutionary? Noble or Commoner?
Fate/Luck Points. One point per session. Each Fate Point allows one reroll.
Duels. Maybe.
Fortitude/Reflex/Will saves.
Ascending AC, though there is very little armor to be had. Dex and Wisdom both modify AC. Maybe also include bonus AC as you level, to represent battlefield luck.
Cover! It has to be in game, and described well.
Hit points = Constitution plus one per level. (maybe adjust this for more epic style).
Shrug it Off. Regain hit points nightly. No worries about infection, etc. OR go grim and dirty. Gangrene is much more dangerous than the bullet wound.
Max level 10.
Characters are basically fighters, but have a Hide skill.
Only armor available is the cuirass, for cavalry. Helmets are also available for some regiments.
Weapons include: musket, rifle, pistol, club, saber, bayonet, cannon, lance, dagger, pike, spontoon.
Big Battles: Handwave final results. It’s not a wargame. Focus on the situation immediately around the players and how it affects them. This would be a perfect place for players to act as skirmishers on a flank, or to take a small, but vital objective, such as a cannon emplacement overlooking the battlefield.

Monsters may be encountered, though usually in out of the way places. A witch in the forest, a demon hound in the hills, or maybe a naga leading Indian troops. Most of the enemy would be regular humans, though. Just add a bit of magic here and there to spice it up.


Prince_Herb said...

Have you had a look at Neil Gow's game "Duty & Honour"? It's basically Sharpe: the RPG, and has a lot if useful ideas to mine.

Dan said...

I've heard of it, but I've never seen a copy.