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Friday, August 30, 2013

Ambition and Avarice?

This is a new OSR game as seen HERE on RPGNow. It looks interesting, but I'm still not convinced I want it. For anyone who has it, here's a couple questions:

1. What is max level?

2. Is magic mostly just classes with different spells from the various OSR games?

3. The followers look interesting. Does every class get them, and are they worthwhile, or just a headache in play?

4. Ascending or Descending Armor Class?


Fabio Milito Pagliara said...

I took it both in print and file

1) progression goes to 13th level (but I don't remember it implies you should stop there)

2) lot of new spell or tweaked ones

3) everyone get companions (even if they have to create them :))

4) ascending, base AC is equal to DEX

various: race modify HD, there are skills for things... each level mundane classes have 3 points to increase proficiencies, hp or other things (based on class)

I should do a review as soon as possible :)

Brutorz Bill said...

My print copy just arrived, it looks like alot of fun!

Dan said...

Thanks for the info!

Dan said...

Also, if you do a review, please post a copy to RPGSite. You'll get a lot more hits that way, and the site deserves more traffic.

Fabio Milito Pagliara said...

this rpg site?

I'll do :)

Dan said...

Nope, this one: . It's basically a sane version of rpgnet (like rpgnet was about 10 years ago, before the mods all went crazy).