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Friday, October 11, 2013

Alternate Names for DemiGods

While the term Demigod is useful in D&D, it's also very technical. I'd love some alternative names for them. Saints doesn't really work, as it implies they are just projections of some other god, and not god-like themselves. Ascendants, as used in the Malazan series, is a great alternative, but it's taken. Anyone have any other ideas?


JDJarvis said...

Exemplar, Demiurge, Archlord, Archon, Monad, Deus, Progenitor.

Dan said...

Wow, great list!

Anonymous said...

Godlings (which maybe suggests young gods or lesser gods too but when I first saw the term I assuned it meant demigod/offspring of the gods).

Moist Oinka said...

In my house campaign, they're called Divinities. External, astral entities that cannot enter reality but can extend their influence there.

Mortals cannot ever be Divinities, and vice-versa.

They vie for control a world, until one triumphs over the others, earning the formal title of "The Almighty".

All remaining Divinities become either Angels or Devils, depending on their alliances to The Almighty.

This "crowning" offers distinct power and benefits, the details of which, I'm still working on.