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Monday, January 26, 2015

Has anyone made a good d6-based fantasy rpg?

There is D6 Fantasy, but that is pretty generic. Same with Gurps and Hero. Has anyone made a game similar in tone to Dungeons and Dragons, but using the D6 rules specifically modified for a D&D style of game. Also good art (my favorite style is similar to Warhammer Fantasy) would be very helpful.


R.J. Thompson said...

Five Ancient Kingdoms.

JDJarvis said...

Might I suggest crimson blades:

It's a little more elric in tone but it's D&D with d6's.
The same author/publisher has a furries D&D called Woodland Warriors that is pretty good as well:

David Smith said...

Burning Wheel and, most especially, Torchbearer. TB is specifically called a love letter to D&D by the authors. It is a d6 dicepool mechanic.

Anonymous said...

I really like Simon Washbourne's Crimson Blades but I guess Dan meant a fully realized fantasy game based on the WEG d6 System.

There was of course the Hercules and Xena RPG that used the Legend version of d6 (counting single successes instead of adding all d6s).

But since the d6 System went OGL I only heard of one stand alone fantasy game, AZAMAR:

Anonymous said...

Oh, and in February there will be Graham Bottley's "Persian fantasy", Sorcerers of Ur-Turuk:

Dan said...

These all look really interesting! Thanks everyone!

Mujadaddy said...

"Made"? Yes. Compiled for easy digestion? No.

I ran a WEG-d6 Fantasy game for 7 years, and I've actually last year started the same world up again for some of the same players. Here's how it works:

4 Attributes: STRENGTH, DEXTERITY, PRESENCE, KNOWLEDGE. Everyone starts with 3D across, assigns as desired.

Starting characters get 7D to allocate to skills, but no more than 2D in any skill, and only 2D into one skill. Simple, broad skills:
*Stamina, under Strength, is your "Hit Points" and, for lack of a better term "Fortitude Save".
*Dodge, under Dexterity, is the main way to avoid getting hit.
*Perception, under Presence, is how good you are at noticing things.
*Lore, under Knowledge, is your general level of expertise in a given area (Demon Lore, Pirate Lore).

There are of course more possible skills, but I've got to be brief at the moment. Hopefully you can imagine how things build up from there, but I'll give you the freebies in the form of how-to-implement-classes:

FIGHTER: Maxes STRENGTH, boosts Stamina and melee attack skills.

THIEF: Maxes DEXTERITY, boosts Dodge, Thievery, and dabbles in Poison Lore.

PRIEST: Maxes PRESENCE, has a Priestcraft skill under PRESENCE, which is for Prayers.

MAGE: Maxes KNOWLEDGE, has a Talisman skill for crafting charms*, a Research skill for studying newly found spells, and also has three magical skills for casting, Personas/Externas/Stellaras.

Casters get a spell slot for each of the pips of their magic skill (so a 5D Priestcraft gives you 15 possible Prayers).

Priests have a Holy Symbol, pray one round and have their prayer answered the next. Fumbling on the prayer roll Wounds.

Mages have to carry a Talisman ('charm') for each spell; they present the Talisman and chant over it to have the spell cast at the end of the current round.

As I did this for many, many years, I have a lot of side rules to cover things like Shaolin Monks, spell lists, etc., and I'd be happy to share what I do have.