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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Green Devil Face #2 Review

This is a review for "Green Devil Face 2", from Lamentations of the Flame Princess. The book is digest-sized, with the standard green cover. There is very little art, but it is atmospheric. The contents include a bunch of traps for use by GMs in their dungeon exploring sessions. I will not give any spoilers away, in case players are reading this. I 'll just supply my personal opinion.

"The Eyes of Parsifur and Dunsane" is the first trap room. I honestly didn't care for it. There is really no way for the adventurers to really win this, other than immediately turning around and walking out. If I used it, I would include an obvious clue or two for the PCs. It's also really complicated. I'm sure some GMs will love it, but it's not for me.

The "Doppelganger Trap Room" is next. It's a simple, yet interesting, idea. I like it.

"Mummy Tar Trap Room of Death" is a very apt description. PC odds of survival are low. But it is a cool encounter for an Egyptian-themed tomb.

"Temple of Water" is pretty cool. It's not immediately deadly, and is actually likely to help PCs out.

"The Pylis Prison" is kind of scifi, but interesting. It would be a fun way to introduce a monster or potential contact to a group of adventurers.

"The Gem in the Skull" is more of a suggestion for an encounter, instead of a prepared trap. I like it, though I would definitely have to determine what it does.

"The Hallway That Does Not Exist" is a fun little trap, that should only kill off really stubborn, stupid characters. But it will definitely add some spice to an otherwise plain dungeon.

"The Lever" is also a fun little trap designed for a Darwin Award entry (people dying in stupid, stupid ways, in case you don't know the term). Obvious, yet I know players that would fall for it easily.

"The Lumberjack Is Not Ok" is interesting. Thief types should breeze through it with no problems. Weak or clumsy characters, or characters with lots of gear, are going to have lots of problems. I like it.

"The Incredible Pedestal" is a killer. Unless the PCs are very careful, or have ranged magic and know when to use it, they are going to get hurt or die here. But there is a nice reward.

"Yet Another Stupid Giant Chessboard" will likely kill cocky adventurers who think they know how to solve this puzzle. I like it, though I think I would only spring it on experienced players.

"Hungry Little Mammon" is a really cool encounter. It's not really a trap, or at least it will only affect the party's wealth, and not their health. I will definitely use this.

Overall, I recommend this product. It is inexpensive, and for GMs looking for ideas to use in their latest dungeon, a worthwhile purchase. I suspect any GM will find at least a few of these articles useful, even if they don't like every trap.

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