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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

S&W - Products I like to buy

This is just a post detailing what I like and don't like in the S&W and compatible products I buy.

Stuff I Like:

New Monsters - I can always use new monsters. Even if I don't use them in game, they can give me ideas for adventures.

New Spells - I like new spells. I don't need tons of them, but cool stuff is always appreciated. I would love themed spell books aimed at specific stuff to be published for S&W. Things like a Book of Necromancy or Divining Magic. Or The Tome of Azrael the Damned. Not just generic stuff, but stuff that fits together in the book.

New Settings - I love settings. I will always be interested in new ones, especially if they have a cool twist. A fantasy-steampunk setting (NOT Victorian) for S&W would be great.

Encounter Tables - I love these types of products. The City Encounters pdf from Mythmere is one of my favorite books. I wish it was on Lulu to buy as a real book.

Magic Items/Artifacts - Love these to death. More standard stuff is appreciated. The robot/sf options in Carcosa are just awesome.

Adventures - I can always use a new adventure. I really like Death Frost Doom and The Ruins of Ramat, and I hope to see many more products like them.

Stuff I don't need or care about:

New classes. I'm pretty much set these days, and I'm even guilty of posting my own class: The Bard. But with 10 different options for thieves, I'm kinda burned out. I really only needed one thief, one bard, and a druid to set me straight. But I can understand others wanting more options.

Skill rules - If I really needed skill rules in my game, I would have stuck with 3e, which has the best implementation for them in any published D&D game. I don't really want them anymore, as I think they just add complexity.

Prestige/Advanced Classes - Don't need paladins, knights, etc. This is already covered, I guess, but they seem to be getting popular now, so I'm leaving them as their own entry.

Weapon Mastery Rules. I don't want fighters doing 2d20 damage with a sword, unless it's a major artifact.

Stuff Not Being Done That I'd Love To See:
(Pretty much all of the cool stuff in the Companion/Master BECM sets).

Dominion Rules. High level characters should have decent rules on how to run a barony or kingdom.

Mass Combat and Siege Rules. Maybe someone can publish a Chainmail clone.

Jousting Rules. Because it's fantasy, and I like jousts.

Some type of Ritual Magic rules. Stuff that takes a day and 3 mages to cast, but is really powerful. Carcosa touches on this a bit, but I'd love to see more generic options.

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nextautumn said...

Amen to all of that. Except about the classes. I like new classes the same way you like new monsters - unless they're cool and really well-balanced, I won't use 'em...but sometimes they give me ideas.