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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The S&W WhiteBox houserules that I use

Stat bonuses go from -2 to +2.
Fighters can crit on a natural 20. Crits do maximum damage - no damage roll required.
There is no Turn Undead in my game. Clerics do +1 damage vs. Undead in melee to make up for this.
Maximum level 10, even for mages.
Elves use the variant class, not the weird one with fighter one day, mage the next.
No demi-human level limits. Everyone can reach level 10.
AAC throughout. I hate Descending AC.

That's about it. Mostly small changes, except for demi-humans.


Timeshadows said...

That's a good batch.
--The no Turn Undead is a bit frightening, though. :-o

Stuart said...

Those sound good.

@Timeshadows: Clerics tend to make undead not-so-frightening. They really ought to be though. :)

Dan said...

My opinion on Turn Undead from a couple months back.

Timeshadows said...

@Stuart & Dan: The party in my game have reduced the only character with Turning ability to an NPC (scared-off the troubled player, the miscreants!) who isn't brought along on any adventures unless I suggest it (and won't any longer), and now they are beginning to encounter more Undead. Serves them right.

Akrasia said...

Good stuff! Simple but effective.

The house rules that I use are somewhat more extensive:

They were used with the 'core' S&W rules, but can be used with 'WB' as well (with a few tweaks here and there).

I think that a version may be put out by Brave Halfling at some point...