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Monday, February 22, 2010

This picture is Dungeons and Dragons for me

When I first started playing, I had the Otus-cover B/X books, and the Companion set. And for whatever reason, this is my favorite D&D-related picture of all time. It just screams high fantasy, and I love it. Which is kind of weird, as most of the games I've been in have been more down and dirty Black Company style stuff.


Jayson said...

Although Star Frontiers was my first introduction to his work, I think I was of an age for which Elmore brought a specific D&D world to life--it clearly had its own culture, artifacts, etc.

Lots more face-painting in that world, for instance. ;-)

His work for the Mentzer series was iconic in its own right.

Stuart said...

I never got the Companion rules, but saw them in the store. I really liked this illustration and often thought about what kind of Companion level powers that sword must have had! :)

Anonymous said...

I always squirm a bit when I see a picture of someone holding a sword that is taller than they are. Still, this picture brings back happy memories of when I bought the newly released Companion box set.