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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Different types of spellbooks

Leatherbound tome.
Tome bound in human/elf/monster skin.
A bunch of scrolls tied together.
Wind chimes that whisper spells into the mind of the mage when exposed to a breeze at midnight.
A talking skull that teaches spells.
Bone discs with spells carved into them made into a necklace.
A staff with spells engraved on it.
A flute that teaches spells to mages who play songs on it.
Rune stones that teach spells to mages who toss them onto a silk cloth.
An animal familiar that never forgets spells and can teach them to a mage.
A tree that reveals spells in the patterns of its leaves.
Metal discs that have spells engraved into them.
A painting with spells hidden within the obvious scene.


Anonymous said...

"A painting with spells hidden within the obvious scene."

I like that one.

Blair said...

There needs to be more spell-teaching skulls!

cyclopeatron said...

Nice post! I particularly like the skull and the tree!