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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Soviet Fantasy

Another setting idea I've had kicking around for over a year. The main civilization is very much a soviet communist one. They have red flags with yellow hammer and sickles. Russian is the common language. Everyone is addressed as comrade. State commissars prowl the streets, seeking out those unfaithful to the Great Leader. Clerics would be watched in case they spread sedition to the State, but mages would be treated well and become agents of the State.

Warriors often use hammers and sickles as weapons of choice. Rusalka and other russian folklore monsters are much more likely to be encountered than unicorns or harpies. Goblins and ogres are definitely common, as well. Baba Yaga may also exist.

I think my main "campaign" area would be where the Soviets have recently settled a coastal colony, and the natives are arabs. The Soviets would use ice magic vs the locals fire magic. The Arabs would also be very religious, having many clerics. But they would be uncomfortable around mages. In this land, saharan and desert creatures would be very common. Gnolls would be particularly common away from the human lands. There might even be "civilized" gnolls who work with the human natives.


Timeshadows said...

I'm not certain if this will appeal to you, or make you a bit dismayed, but:

Dan said...

I love that comic. It's what gave me the idea. But I was thinking more straight fantasy than the steampunk style the comic has. :)

Timeshadows said...

---Looking forward to reading about it. :)

Anonymous said...

"those unfaithful to the Great Leader"
ah, the trials and tribulations of socialism