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Friday, November 5, 2010

People in the tavern

So, just who is in the tavern the adventurers are hanging out in?

1. Bartender/owner. Big, burly, happy guy.
2. Three wenches. Two younger hotties, one middle-aged. All three are single.
3. A couple off-duty guardsmen, just winding down from a patrol. They really don't want to be bothered.
4. Some laborers, drinking a couple for the walk home.
5. A group of partiers, celebrating someone's birthday. They might buy friendly people drinks and will happily gossip.
6. The local drunk. He might be passed out. He is rumored to be a deserter from the neighboring empires military.
7. A couple thugs, looking to start a bar fight. They don't bother the locals, though.
8. Some mercenaries, looking for work. They take an interest in obvious adventurers, hoping to impress them.
9. A local politician, plotting with some businessmen. The deal might be shady, or they might be planning a local festival.
10. A mysterious stranger, sitting in a dark corner. Rumors are that he is some kind of spy.
11. Another group of adventurers, fresh back from a successful dungeon exploration. One of them is missing from last week.
12. A road warden, looking for some help against poachers. He can provide a small reward.
13. A thief, looking for someone too drunk to prevent their coins from being lifted. She knows who the local thieves and fences are.
14. A traveling noble, a few guards, and some beautiful companions. The guards do not want the noble disturbed.
15. The local prostitute, who pays a bit to the barkeeper to use a room. She's very pretty, but will happily steal from the unwary. The locals look down on her.
16. A creepy, quiet guy that everyone avoids. Rumors are that he is some kind of cultist.
17. A great big warhound. He stays near the fireplace, hoping for spilled slop from the pot. The older wench watches out for him, and makes sure he's fed.
18. An elf. Obviously looking to cast a spell on some poor farmer.
19. A group of local farmers. Talking weather and worried about the elf.
20. A hunter, who brings kills in for the bartender. He's in love with one of the wenches.

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