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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fantasy worlds should have a Santa figure

It seems odd that in many fantasy rpg settings, there is no Santa type figure. Someone that is specifically looking out for the kids. We get lots of gods of assassins and murder, but not gods that represent your average person. I just think it's a bit odd, and possibly a major oversight on the part of world creators. I know some spoof stuff has been published, but not any serious renditions for a world like Faerun or Oerth.


Jarrah said...

My own homebrew D&D world (which, I'll admit, is not terribly series a lot of the time) has Father Axemas, a sort of dwarven god of crafting and gifts...

word verification: axili
Possibly his first name?

Gonster said...

interesting -- I'll have to create one for my upcoming Pars Fortuna game.