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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Skyrim mod wishlist

Just things I'd love to see added into the game:

Houses in every city. I really like both Dawnstar and Winterhold. Can't buy a house in either, though.

More storage types for inside houses. Containers designed for ingots, ingredients, etc.

Better combat controls, something like how WoW keeps you aimed at your enemy, so he doesn't just disappear off the screen by sidestepping.

Mounted combat. Including first person camera while mounted.

More mounts: sabertooth cat, large wolf, etc.

Have Saves stored separately for each character. When I'm logged into my fighter, I don't even want to see my mage's Saves. I definitely don't want to accidentally overwrite it.

Werewolves getting buffed with Detect Life and Instant Transformation and maybe more damage.

No Random Dragons - (has been fixed, though a more thorough one using the CK would be great).

"Clean up Riften" questline, turning it from a Blackbriar thieves outlet into a semi-decent place to live. Would likely feature Mjoll.

Unarmed combat brought back. I love being a kung fu monk.

Have all the unnecessary scrolling in the UI removed.

Versions of Iron/Steel/Imperial armor that are on par with Daedric, because I think they look better.

A questline to join the Light of Stendarr.

A revamp of the later game where Imperial or Stormcloak victory actually affects the world, especially in how NPC's react to me. 


Aaron E. Steele said...

This seems to be an incredibly popular game. I must put it on my christmas wish list

ChicagoWiz said...

>> No Random Dragons - (has been fixed, though a more thorough one using the CK would be great).

If that's true, that's a disappointment. I love that there are dragons as wandering monsters. I've enjoyed the pulse pounding moments of setting up a dragon fight and prosecuting it.

Dan said...

It's a mod fix, not in the main game. I installed it because I was getting crazy numbers of random dragons. I know I killed at least 7 on my level 22 fighter.

ChicagoWiz said...

Are you playing XBox or PC? Are you doing the main quest as your "main" approach?

I'm playing Xbox version, I'm piddling at the main quest. I've gotten as far as Blade in Dark and returning an item to the Greybeards. I'm mostly doing side quests and misc quests. I'm up to level 25.

I'm starting to see a few more dragons, but I tend to avoid them. Light armor sniper is my main focus.

I'm just curious if the gameplay and platform makes a difference.

Dan said...

Doing the main quest brings dragons. If you don't kill the first quest dragon, they don't appear. It's what I'm doing with my mage and assassin.

Dan said...

Also, PC only for any Bethesda game! If you play Elder Scrolls or Fallout on XBox or PS3, you are missing half the game. Fan-made mods will fix all the bugs Bethesda won't and add in hundreds of new quests.

ChicagoWiz said...

LOL! I have kids and grandkids. I'm lucky I've got the XBox for gaming, much less the $$$ for a gaming rig. Ah well....