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Friday, November 4, 2011

When I play D&D games

My favorite classes:

Fighter = It's fun being the tank. When I play, I usually go sword and shield and plate.

Thief = The funnest class, imo. My only beef is that in older editions, their skills are so low they are damn near useless at low levels.

Mage = I prefer to cast buffs, use wizard eye to scout ahead, and summon monsters instead of just casting fireballs. I honestly think mages are much more useful if they focus on non-evocation spells.

Paladin = Holy warriors are just really cool. They have a mystique the other classes lack.

My favorite races:

Human = They're awesome in both BFRPG and S&W.

Elf = I have liked elves ever since I was a kid and read Tolkien.

Tiefling = The idea of part demon characters is just cool.

Shifter = The best idea ever published by WotC. I love having an animalistic race as an option.

Aasimar = I love the idea of a part angel character, as well. Too much time in bible study when I was a kid, I guess.


Simon Forster said...

I enjoy playing wizards and fighters and my default race is generally human (but that really depends on the game).

Oh,and today's word verification is 'werepal'. Appropriate for your lve of shifters.

RedHobbit said...

Indeed, a Mage that specialized entirely in non-damaging spells was the most fun I ever had with a wizard.

I loved Tieflings until the 4e art design decided that every Tiefling must look like the big horned guy from Legend.