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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas wrap-up

I went out to my parents place for the holidays. Lots of relatives were in town. We ate a ton of food and watched a lot of football on Saturday (Christmas Eve).

I am SO glad the Steelers played at 1 pm and not 4 pm. Dinner and presents would have sucked if the game had been on then, as most of us would have been trying to watch it.As for presents, I got some clothes and a couple gift cards to Barnes and Noble. Not sure what I'll buy with them, yet.

Yesterday my brother and I watched the Firefly marathon through most of the day, then went back down to my parents for another meal and another round of presents (and different relatives). It was a good time.

We then watched the Doctor Who Christmas special, which was pretty good. Not great, but not bad. It was a bit more cheesy happy Christmas than the typical Who episode, which kind of surprised me. Usually, something horrible happens to the Doctor or his companions on Christmas. We then finished watching the rest of the Firefly marathon.

Overall, my holidays were damn good! I hope everyone else's were as well!

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