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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Skyrim Official Game Guide for D&D

Not sure how many of you play Skyrim, or have seen the game guide by Prima. I would recommend it for GMs. It has tons of maps in it for small to medium sized dungeons, along with some towns. The various dungeons also are detailed with monsters and some treasures. Mining and Alchemy and Enchanting are also covered, which would provide ideas for GMs, especially for OSR games that dont' have a lot of detail. There's also a poster map of Skyrim. If you like Norse style gaming, this book would be a great purchase for setting ideas. I really like the book. Also, it's 656 pages and only $27.

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The Lord of Excess said...

The cool thing about this is if you want to risk it going out of print (given the size of sales of the game I doubt it will) just wait for awhile and pick up a super cheap copy on ebay or amazon. That is what I plan to do, I have over 300 hours of play time in on the game and I have already vowed to run a pen and paper skyrim campaign for my five kids when they are a bit older (the oldest is 7 so about 4-6 years off yet). Very good suggestion though to snag this and good to hear its a decent value in terms of maps and useful stuff for a pen and paper RPG.