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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Domino for Hi/Lo Heroes


Secret ID: Neena Thurman
Professional Career: Gun Bunny
Hobby Career: Mercenary
Charge: Cable (boyfriend)

LIFE: 13
Training: Guns

Build: Quick
Mentality: Logical
Temperament: Cautious

Move Die: HIGH
To Hit Die: LOW, Crack Shot +1
Evade Die: HIGH, Lucky +2
Damage Die: LOW, Guns +1, Mundane, Heroic +1
Block Mundane Die: HIGH
Block Fantastic Die: LOW, Weak -1
Barrier Power: Body Armor +1

Character Bio
Domino is a member of X-Force and the X-Men. She has powers that make her very lucky, to the point she can dodge bullets or hit someone behind a wall with a ricochet.

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