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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Foxbat for Hi/Lo Heroes

Foxbat is a villain from the Champions rpg.


Secret ID: Freddy Foswell
Professional Career: Thief
Hobby Career: Inventor
Charge: His “Master Plan”

LIFE: 16
Training: Ping-Pong Ball Gun

Build: Powerful
Mentality: Intuitive
Temperament: Bold

Move Die: LOW, Glider Wings +1 
To Hit Die: HIGH, Ping-Pong Ball Bomb +1 
Evade Die: LOW
Damage Die: HIGH, Ping-Pong Ball Gun +1, Mundane, Villain +1 
Block Mundane Die: LOW, Weak -1 
Block Fantastic Die: HIGH

Character Bio
Foxbat is a loon who believes he is living inside of a comic book. He has a brilliant Master Plan that he follows, which appears to change almost daily. He drives his centipedemobile to his crimes, and uses foxbattlebots to help fight superheroes. His foxbattleplans usually fail, but Foxbat is ok with that, as long as he looks good during the fight. If a hero offends him, he will follow the hero around and do stuff like having airplanes leave messages in the sky saying the hero is a wimp.


Jeff Moore said...

Wow! All of these HiLo Heroes character specs are great!! Have you gotten to play the game itself any??

Dan said...

Not yet. No gaming group at the moment. Last guys wouldn't play supers at all. They were all WoD or D&D.

The Bane said...

Perhaps a Play-by-Blog game would be in order?