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Friday, May 4, 2012

Solo D&D: Thieves are awesome

Just a thought I had. Maybe ten years ago, I was running a D&D campaign for a friend of mine. At that time, it was just us. He ran a thief. We had a blast.

He planned out missions and even recruited a few NPC hirelings, that he used as look-outs. The game involved some heists and a few murders for hire. Politics started featuring later on, as well.

It was kind of like a Shadowrun game, but without guns or cybernetics. I had set the campaign in the kingdom of Mieres in the Birthright setting. The PC was not blooded, which worked out well. Mieres was the kingdom on the southwest corner of the map on the other continent, and was famed for thieves.

In any case, if you are running a game for only one player, I think thieves are a really good fit.


Tim Shorts said...

Agreed. I've done the same thing and it works out well. The great thing is because it was so thief focus we really got to develop a lot of depth for the thieves guild.

Melan said...

Yes they are - and even other classes can try their hands at a little thievery. The real challenge is fitting the gameplay/experience of thieving, rooftop-hopping and all that into a party-based game.

Dan said...

Agreed. Thieves can be limited in a party, unless the other characters are willing to work with them (especially when it comes to stealth).