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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DCC modules are worth getting

The newest DCC modules are worth buying if you play OSR games or older D&D. They really have a lot of character (and I love the art). The two I've read so far should be extremely easy to convert to any OSR game.

I've read Doom of the Savage Kings and Sailors of the Starless Sea, and both are outstanding. Also, both are written by Harley Stroh. I have to say, if he can keep writing this kind of stuff, he's going to become very popular with old school gamers.

Just reading them really makes me want to play them. Great ideas are included in each, and they are kind of sandboxed. You will have to do certain things to finish each adventure, but the modules are set up more as location pieces than many other adventures.

Once I have more time, I'll likely give them real reviews. For now, just know that I recommend them both very much.


Purple Sorcerer said...

I agree Harley writes some great stuff. Some adventures just scream "playable!' and everything I've read from Harley does. I've proofed a number of the other upcoming DCC RPG adventures from Goodman Games and they've been uniformly fun and inventive.

ravencrowking said...

I have Sailors on the Starless Sea, People of the Pit, both Free RPG Day modules, and Perils of the Sunken City. I haven't regretted a single purchase, and I look forward eagerly to more!