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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dungeon Crawl Classics - more thoughts

I've done some more reading. There are some pretty neat ideas hidden in this game.

Deity Disapproval. Every time a cleric rolls a 1 on his spell check to cast a spell, he has to roll on a table. He can lose spells, lose the ability to gain XP for a day, have to immediately atone by praying, etc. I think it makes a cleric's relationship to his god much more potent.

Mercurial Magic. When a mage first learns a new spell, he rolls on a table to see how the spell reacts. It can be beneficial or really bad. The mage could cast a spell at maximum power every time, or one of his friends could die every time he casts the spell. I think it could get a bit overboard if the player rolls badly, but it shows that magic is not cookie cutter safe. It can be very dangerous to use.

Patrons. They're awesome additions to the game. I can easily see small publishers writing a book of patrons and doing fairly well with sales if the book is well done. I definitely think more patrons are needed, right off the bat. There are only a few in the main rulebook.

Make Potion. It's a level 3 wizard spell. Some interesting ingredients are included for each type of potion. It's kind of weird that the potion list is here in the Spell description instead of in the magic items section, though.

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