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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Games Workshop goes even more evil than before

GW has gotten Amazon to remove a novel because it features space marines. Apparently, they think no one but them has the right to publish such material. It really pisses me off. I used to play 40k a lot, and I've read a ton of GW novels (many of which are actually quite good). But legal shenanigans like this really bug me.

As of right now, if you publish a novel featuring space marines, you could have it yanked because of GW. Heinlein and even earlier authors are likely rolling over in their graves.

Story in question


Roger the GS said...

What amuses me is all the people in comments who are like "OMG, I am now totally going to boycott GW" - can they really not have heard about the other, slimier things that company has done over the years?

The Bane said...

I hadn't heard what other things they have done, but don't doubt it. I wonder, should the real Marines have GW remove all there space marines?

Dan said...

I won't boycott, as I don't really play their games anymore. I do still buy their books, though. Ugg.

I am hoping that this gets thrown out if enough bad publicity happens.