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Friday, December 20, 2013

Working on Samurai D6 game

I'm working on a D6 game focused on samurai. It will be a weird mix of real Japan and fantasy. Characters will all be samurai. Most will be human, though naga (snakemen), neko (catmen), saru (intelligent monkeys), and nezumi (ratmen) will exist as player races. I'll make a new map, but a lot of the names will be based upon Japan. 

Brief intro 

The Emperor is dead. The five Great Families are maneuvering to take the throne. War is already breaking out. You are a bushi samurai, either working for a clan or wandering as a ronin. You may fight in great battles, or just defeat local bandits or monsters. The choice is up to you.

Not sure if or when I will put this on the web. For right now, at least, I just want a good, rules-lite samurai game, and none really exist (L5R has gotten way too rules heavy).

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