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Monday, December 30, 2013

Annual Blog Cleaning

Just did my annual cleaning of the gaming blogs I follow. In all, six gaming blogs got removed, as none had updated in over a year. There are a few more that are over 10 months, but I didn't delete them, as you never know if they might reboot.

It's a shame so many gamers start blogging, and then just stop. I know my output dropped dramatically this year, but I still managed at least a couple posts in my worst months. It is really hard to post if I don't have a project, as I did all my pontificating a few years back, and am quite frankly burned out on that stuff.

So, here's hoping a bunch of new gamers start blogging, and tons of great material gets published for me to steal for my games. Hahahaha!


dave baymiller (baran_i_kanu, DaveB) said...

Part of my New Years resolution is to get back to more blogging. I have several OSR genre settings we're playing now on top of the Victorian, Spaghetti Western, etc already in my blog and need to put up my houserules, original monsters etc for the settings as well as generic OSR stuff.

Dan said...

Cool! I know now that I'm working on a project (albeit not OSR), it's very easy to post to my blog.