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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bushi d6 Calendar

Anyone familiar with Japan should recognize these names, as they are the old months of the Japanese calendar.

Months of the Year
Matsuki (Month of Affection/January)
Kisaragi (Changing Clothes/February)
Yayoi (New Life/March)
Uzuki (Unohana Flower Month/April)
Satsuki (Early Rice-planning Month/May)
Minazuki (Month of Water/June)
Fumizuki (Month of Books/July)
Haochizuki (Month of Falling Leaves/August)
Nagatsuki (The Long Month/September)
Kannazuki (Month of the Gods/October)
Shimotsuki (Month of Frost/November)
Shiwasu (Priests Running/December)

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