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Friday, January 17, 2014

Bushi d6 - skills

Skill List

Might: Axe/Mace*, Brawling (Yawara, Tode, or Sumo)*, Knife*, Lift, Smithing, Stamina, Pole Arm*, Sword*

Agility: Athletics, Bow*, Dodge*, Pickpocket, Stealth, Throwing*

Wit: Crafts, Lore, Magic, Medicine, Search, Tracking

Charm: Command, Diplomacy, Etiquette, Riding, Seduce, Streetwise 
* = Combat skills are not allowed specializations. 

Skill Specializations 
Specializations are focused aspects of a skill. For example, Crafts specializations might include Smithing and Carpentry. One skill die can be spent to gain three specialty dice. Combat skills don’t have specializations. 

Example: A character with a Charm of 3D chooses Tea Ceremony as her Specialty of Etiquette. She spends one skill die in it, but records it as Tea Ceremony 6D on her character sheet. She has an Etiquette skill of only 3D. This is the only time the 2D skill limit can be exceeded during character creation. 

Characters know one language for every die they have in Wit. Player characters should probably choose Imperial as their first language.

Available languages: Imperial, Naga, Neko, Nezumi, Saru, Bakemano, and Oni.

Imperial serves as the common tongue for the civilized races, while Bakemano is the common tongue of monsters. Neko was often used in historical official documents.

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