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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bushi d6 - Martial Arts

I'm using the grab, throw, escape rules from Fantasy d6. Here are the martial arts that will be available. (Thanks to Tedankhamen for the basic gist).

Skill: Strength: Brawling (pick Yawara, Tode, or Sumo).

Martial Arts

Samurai all train in some form of martial arts. Unarmed attacks inflict the users Strength as damage.

Yawara (grappling, submission, throwing, joint locks and rope-work). User gains +1D to all grabs and escapes.

Tode (punching and kicking; ascribed mystical qualities and the martial art of villains). User gains +1D to all unarmed damage. User can also leap 10 feet and attack.

Sumo (pushing, grappling and throwing, used by commoners in brawls). User suffers no penalty to knock down an opponent and gains +1 to rolls to regain his feet if he is prone or knocked down. 

1 comment:

Tedankhamen said...

Looks good!
I hope I didn't come off as dictating anything - just wanted to give some historical perspective. In the end it is your game and you've got the chops to make it what you want, but I think what you've done satisfies both historical and gaming demands. Look forward to seeing the final product! I should also have another post about treasures in Weird Japan, so keep an eye out.