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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bushi d6 - Current Year

This is an outline of major events during the current year of my Bushi setting.

170 IA 
1: New Year’s celebrations throughout the Empire.
4: Merchants from Konoe arrange a long-term term trade agreement with one of the tribes in Nagazawa.
17: A Nezumi shaman appears at the Imperial Palace in Miyako. He warns of dire portents in the spring, but is shuffled off after the courtesans treat him to several parties, where they show off the barbarian sorcerer to their friends.
17: Imperial troops defeat an oni raid along the western border of Onizan.

23: Ichijo Matsu has a terrible nightmare where the Palace is bathed in blood. She sends messengers to Miyako to warn of impending danger.
25: The evil sorceress Wu Jiao launches her attack on the Imperial Palace in Miyako. The Emperor Honzu Ryoto and his immediate family, as well as a large number of courtesans from all of the Great Families, are slain.
26-28: Battles continue throughout Miyako, with samurai fighting against bakemono, oni, and undead warriors.
29: The Hero Minase Junzo slays Wu Jiao, sacrificing himself to end her assault.
30: Battles continue in Miyako, as the evil monsters attempt to flee.

1: The last remnants of the monsters are destroyed in the city. Many escape into the underground tunnels and cave systems.
3: House Gojo backs a young cousin of the deceased Emperor, named Honzu Tetsu.
8: Daimyo Takashi Toshiro publicly rejects Honzu Tetsu, stating that the boy will merely be a figurehead for Daimyo Gojo Shun.
15: A Council of the Great Houses is held in Miyako. House Gojo threatens House Takashi, declaring that they are traitors to the Empire for not accepting Tetsu. The Takashi Courtesan leaves the Council.
15-30: Meetings occur regularly between the Great Houses, with everyone attempting to gain allies. Konoe remains staunchly neutral, and Daimyo Konoe Iwa has stated that no warships from the other Houses would be allowed to transit around her island. Daimyo Kujo Hideki has at least initially backed her on this stance. Kujo and Daimyo Ichijo Matsu attempt to smooth things over between Gojo and Takashi, to no avail.

1: The majority of the Honzu troops are in the Imperial Army, which is stationed around Onizan. The generals remain loyal to House Honzu, but no one has managed to claim leadership of the Family, as only cousins who were not at the Palace actually survive. Much political infighting is going on in Miyako, and several minor Honzu family members have been assassinated in the last few weeks.
10: A small oni army attacks the imperial troops just east of Nezoka. A powerful oni lord is determining how distracted the Imperial forces are.

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