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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bushi d6 - skill specializatons

Here's the list of specializations I have so far. I've also changed the skill list a bit from even yesterday's post. Any suggestions would be appreciated, especially for skills with only 2 or 3 specialization suggestsions. 

Sample Specializations 

Athletics: Jumping, Running, Swimming.
Command: Military, Summoned Beings.
Crafts: Bowyer, Carpenter, Leatherworker, Smith.
Diplomacy: Address Superiors Correctly, Fast-Talk, Seduce.
Etiquette: Courtly Manners, Tea Ceremony.
Lift: Laborer, Escape.
Lore: Bakemono, Ghosts, History, Naga, Neko, Nezumi, Oni, Saru.
Magic: Magic History, Recognize Spell Effects, Recognize Powerful Sorcerer.
Medicine: Diagnose Disease, Diagnose Poison, Know Cure.
Riding: Animal Care, Trick Riding.
Search: Find Hidden Door, Find Traps, Spot Ambush.
Stamina: Need Less Sleep, Work Extended Periods.
Stealth: Ambush, Hide in Shadows, Tail Enemy.
Streetwise: Know Local Gangs, Underworld Friends.
Tracking: Animals, Men.

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