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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bushi d6 Martial Arts - hmm, maybe

Not sure how I'm going to approach martial arts for my Bushi d6 game. As is, there's pretty much nothing for it in the Mini6 rules. At this point, I've just ported in rules for choking, slams, and wrestling from d6 Fantasy. I may just leave everything as the Brawling skill, and leave it at that.

Maybe rename it to jiujitsu, but not really change anything else. With the combat maneuvers, I'm not sure going very specific for various flavors of karate is worthwhile. At best, I might have Brawling subdivided into wrestling and striking, with each gaining a +1D or +2D to specific maneuvers.


Tedankhamen said...

If you want to be historically accurate, you'd split it into:

Yawara (grappling, submission, throwing, joint locks and ropework; an essential art of the samurai and ancestor of judo and jujutsu)

Tode (punching and kicking, literally 'Chinese hand' White Crane kenpo imported to Okinawa; ascribed mystical qualities and was the art of villains of pre-Meiji fiction)

Sumo (pushing, grappling and throwing; evolved into the national sport of Japan we know today, used by commoners in brawls; descended from Mongolian wrestling)

Dan said...

Thanks for the info!