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Monday, January 13, 2014

Bushi d6 - some new spells

Cloud Chariot (this is just a rethemed Fly spell)
TN: 23 (or 15)
Duration: Concentration
Range: Self
Resisted: None
A chariot made of white clouds appears beneath the sorcerer. While maintained, the chariot can fly at a rate of 90 feet per round. If the spell ends before landing, the character will float to the ground. The character may hover and carry up to his own weight aloft. If the character only wishes to levitate vertically, the TN of the spell is 15.

Dragon’s Hide
TN: 20
Duration: 5 rounds
Range: Self
Resisted: None
The caster’s skin hardens, and he gains 3 Armor Points, which stack with any worn armor.

Entangling Scarf
TN: 15
Duration: Instant
Range: 20 feet
Resisted: Dodge
The caster throws a long silk scarf at his enemy. This requires the use of the Throw skill. If the caster attempts to throw the scarf the same round it is cast, the multiple action penalty applies to both the casting and throwing of the spell. The caster may choose to throw the scarf the round after casting to avoid the penalty. However, if he waits any longer the effect dissipates. The target can attempt to Dodge the scarf, but if he fails, he is considered to be Entangled. To escape, he must successfully make a Might or Lift roll vs. a TN of 20. The scarf inflicts 1D of damage every round it holds the target, and the attack ignores armor.

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