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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bushi d6 - some new monsters

Kappa*** Scale: 0D 
Water-dwelling turtle-monkey.
Might: 4D Wit: 1D
Agility: 2D Charm: 1D hp: 36
Skills: Sumo 5D, Stealth 3D+1
Perks: Breathes Air and Water, Armored Shell (+3 armor), speaks Imperial and Bakemono
Static: Dodge 6, Block 15, Parry 12, DR 3 

Kitsune**** Scale: 0 
Shapechanging fox-demon. 
Might: 2D Wit: 4D+1
Agility: 3D Charm: 4D hp: 28
Skills: Dodge 4D, Stealth 4D, Magic 6D, Etiquette 5D
Perks: Can Shape Change at will.
Spells: Choose 3.
Static: Dodge 12, Block 6, Parry 6, DR 0

Shishi Lion *** Scale: 0D 
Dog-Lion that protects temples. 
Might: 3D+1 Wit: 0D
Agility: 3D+2 Charm: 1D hp: 33
Skills: Brawling 5D+1, Stealth 4D+2
Perks: Armor Skin (+3)
Jade Aura (+1D to resist elemental attacks)
Static: Dodge 11, Block 16, Parry 10, DR 3

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