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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bushi d6 - Kamizan


Kamizan is literally “God Mountain”. A large temple to the kami resides here, and the mountain is considered holy throughout the entire island.  The kami of the mountain is named Orizen, and he is worshipped along with the other kami at the temple located here.
Most people of the Empire go on a pilgrimage to Kamizan at least once in their life. A steep stairway goes up near the top of the mountain, from which a grand vista of the area can be seen. 

The priests keep the area in good repair. Services are held daily, and many monks train here in both religious and martial skills. The Temple is very well defended, as most of the monks double as soldiers.  

It is said that the oni would dearly love to desecrate the temple and kill all of the people here, but it seems that none of their underground tunnels connect to the area.
It is said that if anyone is foolish enough to attack the temple, that Orizen himself may shake the earth and swallow up their army.

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