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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bushi d6 - Roles of the Samurai

Yeah, this has a lot of L5R influence. That's because their roles are fantastic for this genre.

Roles of the Samurai

The Daimyo is the leader of a noble Family. Each Great Family has its own Daimyo, and the lesser noble Families also have their own Daimyo. This includes the independent Families.

The Bushi is a warrior, first-and-foremost. He can be a duelist, an archer, or just a second-son who fights in the army. 

A Monk is a religious warrior. They are unaffiliated with the Families, but instead serve a temple as a priest or soldier.

Ninja come from the samurai class, but always present themselves as one of the other roles. Many act as bushi or courtesans, only performing their role as an assassin when directed by their leader.

Sorcerers are magically-adept. They use magic to protect their Family, both in the home and on the battlefield. Evil sorcerers are executed, unless they can maintain a secret identity or successfully flee to Onizan.

Ronin are not really a role, though most of them are bushi or sorcerers. They are samurai, but they are not affiliated with any Family. Most of them act as mercenaries, though quite a few turn to banditry in lean times. 

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