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Thursday, April 8, 2010

BF1 Morgansfort

I picked up the perfect-bound softcover of Morgansfort from Lulu. It arrived today. Morgansfort is a setting/adventure supplement for the Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game. You can download  a pdf of the rules and Morgansfort itself for free. I personally prefer real books. I also have the BFRPG perfectbound softcover. Both books are very well made. The text is very easy to read, and the paper is has a nice texture. BFRPG is a nice mix of 1e and 3e D&D. I like it. Morgansfort presents a cool setting, and has several adventures included. Both are sold at very low prices on Lulu. I recommend them if you are interested in these types of games.

1 comment:

Timeshadows said...

More of a B/X as interpreted through the 3.x SRD, but yes, a great game.
--I much prefer it to LL.

The Hardback version is wonderful.