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Saturday, April 24, 2010

S&W WhiteBox FINALLY shipping

Just got the email that it's going to be sent real soon. Only a few months late, but at least it isn't a total rip.


John Adams said...

I hope you like it, Dan. I am sorry for the crazy delay.

Anonymous said...

I think this is an extremely unfair post and it makes me angry. The emphasis on the word "finally" in the title makes it sound like the hold up was John's fault. Even worse, to say "but at least it isn't a total rip" infers that it is a rip, just not a complete one.

John has been under intense pressure and stress these last few months through circumstances that were beyond his control. Through his blog and on forums he made sure customers were kept in the loop, and for those who received their box sets last he even threw in a complimentary module for their wait. The negative inference of this post is highly unfair and unwarranted. John is a good bloke and deserves better than this crap. Shame Dan Shame!

Anonymous said...

Plus he was preparing them on his birthday. John is obviously trying his hardest to get this out there.

Dan said...

I have ordered stuff from BHP before, or I would have been really pissed. I thought this was extremely mild. If I didn't know BHP, I would have been making a few more posts in the recent past that would have made this look tame.

Anyways, I expect the box will be pretty damn awesome once I get it. I'm glad the wait is almost over.