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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Joker for S&W WhiteBox

The Joker

Armor Class:     0 [19]
Hit Dice:            10
Attacks:             1d6 (fist)/1d6 + “shakes” poison (hand crossbow, see below for poison)
Special:              Gadgets (see below), Followers
Move:                9
HDE/XP:           12/2,000

The Joker is a terrible figure in a city’s underworld. He commits criminal capers, and usually leaves a few bodies behind at each one. He loves leaving clues for intelligent adventurers to try and find him. He is extremely intelligent, though completely psychotic, and will not fall into obvious traps. In combat, he will target magic-users first, then clerics, then fighters. The Joker is immune to Hold spells, and will often send his lackeys to delay adventurers while he escapes if it looks like the battle is going poorly.

The Joker has a few gadgets that he can use any given round. When activating a gadget, it acts as if he cast a spell.

Fear Gas Lapel Flower: Target must make a Saving Throw or run away from the caster for 1d6 rounds.
Hypnotic Pocket Watch: Target must make a Saving Throw or follow a one sentence command from the caster. Target will not attack his friends or himself.
Sleep Gas Egg: Characters within five feet must make a successful Saving Throw or immediately fall asleep for 1d6 rounds.
Hand Buzzer: The Joker attacks character who is effectively AC 9 [10] for this attack. If struck, the character takes 3d6 electric damage. Can only be used once per encounter (the gadget needs recharged after a successful hit).
Magic Top Hat: The Joker can pull one random monster from the hat during an encounter. The monster will fight fanatically against anyone the Joker desires. The monster vanishes after one turn. (Choose the monster based on PC abilities).

Lackeys: The Joker will have 1d6 Fighters of levels 1 to 3 with him. These fighters are armed with maces and leather armor and have AC 7 [12]. They are also fanatical, and will fight till the bitter end. If encountered at his Hideout, there will be 3d6 Fighters present.

Hand Crossbow: Dmg 1d6, Range 15/30/45, ROF 1/2.

“Shakes” Poison: Target must Save or take 1d3 damage for 5 rounds. While affected by the poison, the character shakes severely and cannot cast spells and suffers a -2 to hit penalty with missile weapons.

And a pdf is located HERE.


ze bulette said...

Cue the Insane Clown Posse (warning: explicit)

crow said...

Good write up. But I would change the name to something more in -lines of medieval fantasy. Maybe the Mad Jester or the Fool of Skulls? Just my 2 CP's.