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Monday, June 14, 2010

Best supported retro-clone?

Just talking new stuff published specifically for clones. 

I'm guessing Labyrinth Lord has the most published support at this point. There have been a lot of releases for this system over the winter. I think it's pretty cool just how much people like this game, even though it's not my preferred version of the rules.

OSRIC likely comes in next, as it seems there is a new module for it every month or so. I have no real interest in OSRIC or 1e anymore, though, but I'm glad those who do get lots of new adventures.

S&W gets a fair amount, especially with Knockspell.

Brave Halfling and Lamentations of the Flame Princess have really done some good work for all the clones. I hope they continue to be successful, though I'm aware LotFP may be switching gears to supporting Jim's own ruleset.


Restless said...

I still wish Basic Fantasy RPG had gotten more love.

MilkManX said...

I am really impressed with the S&W support and the forums. Always lots of help and on the OD&D boards too.

Have not tried OSRIC and with my love of S&W I may not get around to it.

Dan said...

Restless, I agree about BFRPG. It's a great game. I picked up Morgansfort once it became available. If you haven't gotten it, it's worth buying (and it's cheap). Great setting with some nice adventures included.

JimLotFP said...

Even though I'm releasing my own game, the LotFP modules will not change format and will still be cross-compatible and advertised as such.

Al said...

Luckily, support for all three "systems" is mostly compatible. No real problems with, say, running Swords & Wizardry with classes from Labyrinth Lord's AEC, and the random dungeons and monsters from OSRIC. :)