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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Magic Shops

The thread at Dragonsfoot had some pretty cool ideas about magic shops that I might be stealing. I have usually not allowed them, but these guys persuaded me otherwise. (Be warned that the thread degenerates after a bit and got locked, but the first few pages are good stuff).

Ideas I liked (none of these are mine, but they are cool):
The wandering witch who buys and sells items, and just happens to show up when needed.
Temples being the place to buy healing potions.
The Apothecary Shop that sells minor potions and low-level scrolls, but nothing else.
The dimension travelling salesman who has a shop in whatever city the PCs find themselves in. He's shady, and has to move a lot.


Jayson said...

That was an interesting thread to read, thanks. I think I'll be incorporating some of that myself.

I lean both ways on the issue--I do have the occasional "magecraft store" in the largest cities of my version of Brun, but most sellers of "magic items" are in fact con-men who know better than to stick around after making a sale.

A Paladin In Citadel said...

Interesting that most of the commentors were leery of magic shops. I'd rather create a rumor of some ancient treasure trove, and put what the players are after into the rumors of the treasure's contents.