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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can someone pdf my stuff?

I have tried numerous times to make pdf files for this book, and it seems like it screws up every time. I embed the fonts and everything, but I get weird spaces. I assume the newest file still has spaces in each word, even though I don't see it on my computer. If someone could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. The file is a Word document.


Mike D. said...

Send it to my email, I will do it for you (even format it to look nice if you like).

mike.davison317 AT

You can check my blog to see some of my pdfs...

Mike D.

Dan said...

I've emailed the files. Thanks very much!

James said...

When I dloaded the second file I did see the same problem, but if it looked ok to you, maybe RPGNOW still had the old one up, or there was a problem on my end or something.

/Matt said...

I know another game is using Peter Fitzpatrick's picture that you posted on January 27th, but is there any way you'd do that cover for a special edition? I think it's real cool and would want to use that one for my main copy.