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Saturday, February 26, 2011

More print info

I ordered a proof copy this morning. Once I receive it, and it's ok, I'll post it. I ordered media mail because the damn shipping is so expensive, so it will take a week or so to receive the book.

Good news is that the book will likely be $3.00. Bad news is the cheapest shipping to PA was $4.90. At least, at this cost, you'd actually be better off buying multiple copies at once, in case you have a group of players. Even if you only buy one copy, it's going to be super cheap.

I did redo the layout a bit from the pdf version. Because of the way the gutter and margin worked, and the page requirements, I used a better version of my original layout, especially regarding page breaks. It would have been too much hassle to bother someone else about yet more potential layout issues. Even so, I think it looks pretty damn good this time around. The book won't win any layout awards, but it also won't have strange spacing.

I'm sure at least one or two reviewers will be irked at the amount of white space, but at the size and cost of this, I really don't care. I'll be happy if even one book sells and it actually gets used at a game table. If it does, I will think my book is a success.

Also, good editors and layout people should consider contacting Chris Gonnerman, as he has a number of books that just need edited, so that they can be put into print.

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