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Thursday, August 18, 2011

D&D editions: How I rate them

If the version is not listed, I have not played it. This is limited to the PHB/DMG/MM1-2 of each, as I only ran the games this way. Too many rules supplements ruin games, imo. I've been like that since I started gaming when I was 12. For example, I only used the equipment from the 2e thieves book. No prestige classes allowed in any game I ran.

#1: 2e. I played and DM'd so many games of this I had the base 3 books basically memorized. I loved the NWP system and specialized clerics and mages. The settings were amazing, as well. This was the high point of creativity of TSR, imo.

#2: 3e/3.5e. Solid rules. Too complicated, but things like ascending AC and the saving throws were major improvements over the old systems.

#3: B/X with Otus covers. The first version of D&D I ever played. I had a lot of fun with this game.

#4: BECMI. I really just added the Companion and Master sets to my B/X books.

#5: 1e. It was fun, but convoluted and had many weird limitations that are luckily now gone.

#6: 4e. Tried it, didn't care for it. We played two sessions. It felt more like the Descent boardgame than D&D. I can see why new players would like it, but it's not for me.


Lord Gwydion said...

Interesting list. I'm a bit curious about why 2E rates so high but 1E rates so low because of "weird limitations." Doesn't 2E have most of the same limitations? Sure, they raised max levels for demi-human classes, and maybe made demi-human clerics standard for PCs rather than only as NPCs, but aren't a lot of the other restrictions the same?

Honestly curious here, not trying to criticize your opinions as "wrong" or anything.

Dan said...

Things I like better in 2e vs 1e:

Demihumans not as limited.
Specialist wizards.
Thief skills.
NWP system.
Much better organized.
No "Gygaxian" prose.

Fabio Milito Pagliara said...

but 2nd edition got completely wrong on: psionics, bards, illusionist, druids....

my personal list is
1: AD&D 1st edition (got nwp in dungeoner survival guide and oriental adventures, get rid of some limitation in Unherathed Arcana)... and it was my memorized edition :)
2: BECMI played too little
3: AD&D 2nd edition
4: 4th edition, for the sheer bravery
5: 3rd edition for the missed opportunities, (feats, horrendous multiclassing, feats, reiterative attacks, too much bookeeping, downgrading the idea of classes)

Dan said...

Let's just say I disagree with you regarding bards, druids, and psionics. I did prefer the 1e illusionist, though.