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Thursday, August 4, 2011

White Wolf announcements at Gen Con

Products that are in the works at White Wolf include:

Werewolf anniversary edition
Mage anniversary edition sometime after that
Werewolf and Mage conversion guides
A brand new Mummy game (no subtitle as of now)
The "missing" oMage Convention books
Some new Exalted stuff, like an updated book on the Guild and a revised Martial Arts book
A vague promise of new VtM stuff beyond just v20
Shards books in the vein of WoD: Mirrors for at least Vampire and Exalted
A Victorian setting book for Changeling: The Lost

Let's just say this is the best news I've heard out of White Wolf in years. I'll definitely be picking up the Werewolf and Mage books. I'm also really happy that the missing Convention books will be getting published. The only nWoD game that I really like is Changeling, which is a fantastic game. The nWoD Vampire is also pretty good, but the new Werewolf and Mage games suck eggs, imo. I haven't given White Wolf any money in several years. That's going to change. Probably be pretty expensive, though. :)

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BlUsKrEEm said...

I used to be a huge WW fan boy, but it has been a long time since I have paid them any attention.

But howdy does this set of announcements make me a happy boy. I'm a huge mummy fan. I will definitely pick up Mage20, and Victorian Lost. But what really got my attention was the new Mummy game. I may be the only Mummy fan on the planet, but i was really hoping that the 20th anniversary of WoD Mummy would at least get a mention. A NWoD Mummy was beyond what I hoped.